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SCOOP re Trump allies' conflicts of interests in Golan Heights oil

Investigation by Wendy Dent has uncovered multiple investments tied to 8 Trump allies in Genie Energy, a Murdoch-backed energy subsidiary which struck oil in disputed territory on Israel's frontier with Syria, as well as ties to Cambridge analytica data contracts on ISIS/Syria. Its parent company IDT has been investigated for RICO violations, fined by the SEC and sued for bribery of a president under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

cinemmerse.com, recommendedbywomen.com and adoptareporter.com launched

Cinemmerse's patent pending app, coded and founded by Wendy Dent was approved by the Apple store and launched in May 2017, after being featured by Financial Times, TechCrunch and at top tech events WebSummit (the world's largest tech event), Collision (USA), Black Sea Summit (Ukraine) and Techne Summit Egypt.

Watch film/tv and election ads, see how much they move your heartbeat, and how many calories you lose while watching them. The first-ever app to rate media by biometrics.

http://adoptareporter.com - beta launched: APRIL 2017