The Industry Intervention

In my time at the University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts, several World Economic Forums and 15 international film festivals over the last two years, I've seen there is an urgent need to strengthen the international film/TV industry through cross-sectoral collaboration on the many key issues we'd like to see urgently addressed. The Industry Intervention is an idea that I had following the World Economic Forum 'Summer Davos' panel on 'The Promise of the Creative Economy' which I spoke on in China in September 2013 - and the many other panels at film festivals which are trying to assess what's working and what's not.

The goal is to encourage cross-sectoral collaboration and long-term 'out of the box thinking' to bring fair trade, ethical conduct, and the 'economy' back into 'the creative economy'. A log-line, industry style: "May the opportunity be with you"... Or "we don't get what we deserve, we get what we negotiate".

'The Industry Intervention' will bring together the key stake-holders and decision-makers in the international Film and TV industry for a summit about the cross-sectoral 'pain points' and industry changes - or lack of- which affect us all. Online and offline forums, industry briefings, debates and the first international film/TV summit will assess what's working and what's not, highlight and workshop standards, models and initiatives with '2020 vision' to better fulfill the promise of the creative economy, and create an unprecedented opportunity for collaboration and intervention for the greater good of our industry.

The summit will be an opportunity to assemble a 'united nations of film', which could create international protocols, and initiatives/standards following a World Economic Forum / United Nations style model. We could then offer the industry intervention's action plans as recommendations to industry and international bodies, such as World Economic Forum and United Nations councils, for example. Just as the UN helped address climate change with its Kyoto protocol, imagine the Film/TV industry adopting the UN's 'one country one vote' policy, or 'one organization, one vote', to create protocols for our industry on pressing issues which affect us all.

Already over 125 key organisations and people are keen to be involved, (including a major studio, major US guild, major A-list film festivals, leading distributors, the United Nations, a film star and top professors from two of the world's top ranked film universities) representing over 30 countries across 5 continents.

We have our first event kicking off the Industry Intervention on Saturday 28 February, 9am PST/ 12pm EST/ 5pm GMT/ 6pm CET;

As a response to the hacks and threats against Sony, we are holding an online industry intervention forum on threats on digital security and threats to freedom of expression, on Saturday 28 February 2015, given the hacks may be copy-catted, and we are now witnessing violent attacks on freedom of expression.

Briefing speakers: four World Economic Forum Young Global Leaders, including prominent cartoonist Dr Naif Al-Mutawa, prominent cartoonist, creator of 'the 99', who has been sentenced to death by ISIS.

The CEO’s office Sony Pictures have been invited, and may possibly also join us for the briefing.

Full details below, and on this link :

You may have read that today there was a shooting in Copenhagen at an event on 'Art, Blasphemy and the Freedom of Expression', suspected to be a terrorist attack on a controversial artist.

Last week a political cartoonist in Malaysia was arrested on charges of sedition

And yesterday President Obama held a WhiteHouse summit on cyber security at Stanford University (Silicon Valley area).

So our event is now more timely than ever.

The urgent issues we'll be addressing affect us all. The discussion will be relevant to creative industry organisations, independent filmmakers, distributors, commissioning editors/producers, policy leaders, educators and press.

15 February 2015