Raindance guest-blog

Shooting Myself In The Foot

Guest Blog By Wendy Dent: Published by Raindance Film Festival

I did a crazy thing the other week. I agreed to write for Raindance.

"Oh the joy!" was the first reaction, as I ran around the house somewhat semi-clothed, doing a raindance about the wondrous things I would ‘shout out’ to the world about. Then “Oh heck”. Reality sunk in. Just like doing a film. We are inspired, the opportunities ahead of us makes the heart – and soul –sing. Then the work load sets in, as well as our fear of failure and all those other fun little F words that make filmmaking sometimes less than Fun.

But what am I overreacting about, I thought to myself, or the voice-over in my head would have narrated if I was writing a hack script about my 5 minute realisation about the meaning of life and blogging. It’s just a blog!

“Just a blog?” WHAT? How could anyone even think that? That would be like saying “they’re JUST readers”. Or “JUST” viewers. I don’t want to waste your time. Why should you read anything that's "just a blog" or watch "just a film", when you could so easily switch channels -or web windows?

Blogging does something to the brain. It makes you stop a second and think – hang on a second. What on earth do I have to say to the world?

Just like filmmaking. Unless you want to be a hack, the question you have to ask yourself is – what the heck does this film say to the world? What the heck does this shot say? What the heck did that character say, and give me one reason why not to edit it out?

The question you have to ask yourself is… can I write or create something that is unique? That means something to its audience? Can I face up to a fear of failure - or the fear of everyone out there creating something even better. Because let’s face it, Elliot Grove’s blogs are so damn good and so damn self-confronting in their wisdom why would anyone want to read anything else?

Like making the perfect film, the perfect blog doesn’t exist. Every reader, or viewer, is wanting you to take them on a journey, to learn something, or be moved by something. Though there's also that saying that "you can’t please everyone all of the time..." In the meantime you the creator/ artist are putting your whole heart and soul out there, putting yourself out on the front line.

But in the end that is the genius of it. It’s the raw act of putting your heart and soul on the screen, or your unadorned opinions on the page, that makes the viewer stop changing channels, or the reader stop switching browsers. After all… you kept reading, didn’t you?

Welcome to my guest blog for Raindance. More musings from a restless soul coming soon.