From Juliet With Love (post-production)

Currently in Post Production:

a new doc to accompany 'Dear Juliet', profiling the Juliets of the Juliet Club of Verona, and their replies to the thousands of letters written each year from around the globe to 'Dear Juliet'.


- a documentary to make even the broken hearted believe in love again


At last a documentary about love - and the greatest love story of all time. A story which bridges every age, culture and generation, those with love found or love lost, a story which is re-read, re-written and re-lived time and time again in the hearts and minds of lovers across the world, every day. That story, of course, is Romeo and Juliet.

In the closing lines of Shakespeare's most famous work the Bard wrote;

"go hence, to have more talk of these sad things.. for never was a story of more woe, Than this of Juliet and her Romeo".

His words, recited in The Globe Theatre in the 1600s, have held more truth than even William Shakespeare might have predicted. In a new globally-connected millenium, the story has taken on a new meaning than simply as entertainment or wise words of warning.

"In fair Verona, where we lay our scene" the entire city has become a symbolic shrine- and financially lucrative tourist attraction for visitors from around the globe flocking to pay homage to these legendary lovers.

And either "the stars" or "The Verona tourist council" have since found a new life for the tragic Romeo and Juliet; the two star crossed lovers live on today providing counsel to the love-sick and the lonely, the heart-broken and the un-happily married the world over under the guise of an extraordinary organisation of 'agony aunts' aptly titled "The Juliet Club".

'From Verona With Love' is the first Australian documentary to profile The Juliet Club of Verona and its volunteers, the letters written to "Dear Juliet", and the sage words of wisdom written back. It might just be enough to make even the heart-broken believe in love again.


The camera lingers longingly on a young couple's passionate embrace an elderly husband and wife etch their names for eternity on the wall of Juliet House, along with the graffiti of countless other lovers. Young couples swap chewing gum then stick it on the walls, as a testimony of their love. Some tourists sit in silence, while other tourists cavort on Juliet's balcony.

Images of modern day Verona set the documentary scene. The townsfolk go about their daily business almost oblivious to the rich artistic heritage and beauty of their surrounds. This is juxtaposed against the wonder and awe of the tourists photographing every vista, every statue, trying to capture their own slice of sensuous Italian passion.

Dreamy words of poetry and love-letters poured from the pen of writers seeking advice from 'Dear Juliet', are intertwined with a montage of the fantasy of Carnivale. Masked figures seem to float across canals in the mysterious mist of early morning Venice. Back in a humble house in Verona, the unknown volunteers of The Juliet Club are unmasked as they pen their replies, signing their names simply 'love, Juliet'.

Who are the Juliets? How do they answer the letters that come pouring in from around the world to the Juliet Club in Verona- and what have they learned about love?

Written, directed, filmed, produced, edited by Wendy Dent.